Yoobi’s “One for You. One for Me” Initiative

It’s back to school time again for children, but for many of them, school supplies will not be available in the classroom a systemic problem that Yoobi School Supplies is trying to alleviate through their “One for You. One for Me” Initiative.  The meaning of the word Yoobi, “One for you, one for me”, describes exactly what the school supply company is all about. Yoobi’s brand strives to not only make a profit out of their fun and bright school supplies, but to make sure every student in the world has the supplies needed to receive a proper education.

Yoobi wanted to combat the fact that many kids in the U.S. do not have access to school supplies without having teacher’s pay for them out of their own pockets, which comes to about $485 dollars a year. Statistics show that 99.5% of all teachers purchase school supplies for there classroom. Yoobi works to alleviate this problem by selling school supplies and when a customer purchases something from them, Yoobi will donate an item to a Yoobi Classroom Pack which is then delivered to classrooms around the world without the proper resources need for students to succeed in school.

Yoobi has partnered with the Kids In Need Foundation and currently works with 30 resource centers to distribute Yoobi Classroom Packs. The Kids In Need Foundation helps Yoobi to determine what exactly is most needed in classrooms as well as helps determine where exactly the supplies should be sent.

In its first few years, Yoobi had focused its donations on Kindegeraten through 3rd grade and every year they are growing and able to expand donations to higher grades with hopes of reaching all the way to high schools around the world.

Yoobi products are available exclusively at Target or Yoobi.com.

If you’d like to read more about Yoobi’s “One for you, one for me” intiative, click here.

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