The Third and Final Day At Social Good Summit

We just finished our last day at Social Good Summit! It was such an amazing opportunity to be a part of this global movement.

bransonOne of the big highlights of the day was a presentation by Richard Branson, founder of The Virgin Group. Branson took the stage to discuss The B Team, an organization where a group of business leaders have come together to give businesses a “Plan B”. “Plan A” for most businesses is typically to be in business purely to make a profit. “Plan B” will make sustainability and environmental issues just as important as profit.  Branson said, “Let’s make sure by 2030, a lot of the big problems in the world, we have managed to get on top of”. Aside from utilizing “Plan B”, one way this can happen is through social media. Throughout the presentation Branson spoke positively of social media, stating, “social media is allowing us to get messages out” and a lot of this is due to “young people who want a better world and want to see a change”.

Also during his presentation, Branson announced that his clean space travel program, Virgin Galactic, will launch in 2014. This program will provide “clean” spaceflights to space tourists and can launch space science missions as well as orbital launches of satellites.  It truly is the way of the future and hopefully will inspire others to follow his lead.

Creative for Good: Creating Bold and Effective Social Issue Campaigns was another interesting presentation from Day 3 at Social Good Summit. The panel shared with us an exciting initiative, Creative for Good, developed by the World Economic Forum’s Future of Media Council, the Ad Council and Ketchum. Creative for Good is an online resource for organizations, particularly NGOs and non-profits, who are looking to create social issue campaigns. This resource “democratizes” the campaign creation process and makes it accessible to organizations that lack the know-how, creative resources or funding to create influential campaigns on important social issues. Creative for Good displays past social issue campaigns and documents the strategy and success of these campaigns. Furthermore, it provides tools and tips to educate and inspire organizations to create effective social issue campaigns. Creative for Good was featured at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival, with an introduction by Bill Clinton. David Gallagher, CEO of Ketchum, spoke about the future of Creative for Good, with a vision of a whole community of those who are passionate about social issue campaigns. As a part of the advertising industry, we are excited to see the future development of Creative for Good!

Overall, Social Good Summit was an incredible experience. We learned about so many organizations fighting for social issues. It was inspiring to see and hear all of these notable speakers passionately representing various causes.

In the coming weeks we plan to highlight some of the organizations and initiatives we learned about during Social Good Summit. Check back here for those features and follow CPXample on Twitter and Facebook for further updates.


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