Shell Foundation Fills “Tank Full” of Philanthropy

The Royal Dutch Shell Company or Shell, is not only one of the largest producers of oil, gas and petrochemicals in North America, but they’re also a huge philanthropic contributor, with one example being a collaboration with the University of Texas. Shell has donated a total of $24.8 million dollars over the years to the university, with most of the money going to research and half a million dollars donated to support the university’s students and programs. Shell began selling gasoline in 1912 and since then has been committed to research in the gas and oil industry. Shell has collaborated with the University of Texas’s Department of Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering and Bureau of Economic Geology in a 5-year, $7.5 million contract, called the Shell-UT Unconventional Research Initative or SUTUR, with the goal of researching the challenges facing the growing worldwide unconventional oil and gas industry.

In addition to the money donated for research and the half a million dollars donated to support the university’s students and programs, Shell often recruits future employees from the universities’ business school, engineering school and from the school of Geosciences. By doing this, Shell demonstrates how serious they take their collaboration with the university as well as their dedication to progress in research by hiring individuals who help directly from the schools and departments within the University of Texas.

Shell’s Foundation, which is an independent charity, was founded in 2000 with the goal of finding solutions for global development challenges all over the world. Since it was founded, Shells Foundation has created a new enterprise-based model in order to bring about significant environmental change as well as social change. The foundation offers patient grant funding, and access to networks to achieve financial independence and to expand across the world. With the help of entrepreneurial partners, Shell’s Foundation can further work on achieving their goals of identifying market downfalls that contribute to many of the major world problems and to create solutions to stop the problems from continuing.

If you want to learn more about Shell’s sustainability initiative, you can click here for more information!

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