People Water giving back with their Drop For Drop Initiative

People Water is not just a company committed to making a profit but they are also a company committed to making clean water available to people all over the world. Through People Waters’ Drop for Drop Initiative, when someone buys one of their reusable water bottles, People Water will donate the equivalent amount of clean water in different ways to places all over the world who don’t currently have access to clean water.

The Drop for Drop Initiative creates new sources of clean water by either building a new well, repairing an old one or building a new water purification system in areas without clean drinking water. Wells if not properly constructed, can break easily which is why People Water has also paired up with Edge Outreach; an organization that specializes in hand-pump repair, sanitation and education, to repair as many wells as possible.

People Water has provided a total of 136,938 Gallons, with the number rising every day. The funds created by the purchases of the reusable water bottles goes to the building or repairing of wells in areas with no potable drinking water. An average well built can produce about 1,000 liters of clean water a day which can serve over 2,000 people.

People Water, although they are for-profit business, they are a cause-based business and nothing is more important to them than making clean water available all around the world.

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