In-Office Initiatives

“In ad-tech, it seems like much of our conversation revolves around how to make money: monetization strategies, improving ROI, boosting revenue. Our industry boasts many of the most creative, intelligent minds in the world, sophisticated technological resources and, let’s face it, a lot of dough. It is our responsibility; in fact, it is the responsibility of all global industries, to take some of those resources and put them to use saving the world. ” – Mike Seiman, CEO

At CPXi, we are passionate about giving back. Over the years we have had many in office initiatives to help give back. Here are some of our more recent initiatives:

Children InternationalCI Lunch and Learn

CPXi is a long time supporter of Children International. Back in 2010, CPXi launched the B.U.D.S Community Center in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  The community center continues to be a safe haven for over 5,000 local youth, providing them with a dentist office, small medical clinic, computer lab, library, small conference room and playground.

In addition to the center in Guayaquil, Ecuador, CPXi is also involved with Children International in Colombia. Mike Seiman and other CPXi executives joined together to help create the CPXi Community Center, opened June 2014. Additionally, CPXi employees started a companywide initiative to promote child sponsorships and raise money to fund the CPXi Discovery Center, a place where children can utilize resources like computers, printers, and gain access to the Internet.

Kristin & Elva

Blood Drive for NY Blood Center

CPXi is a big supporter of the New York Blood Center. We’ve hosted a few blood drives at our office and had a great turnout each time! In total, we’ve had over forty people donate blood in our office! Of those donations we also had more than five people make a highly valued double red cell donation. Our donations went to people in need like cancer patients, accident, burn or trauma victims, patients undergoing surgery or a transplant, and newborn babies.

One pint of blood can save up to three lives. Our donations helped save over one hundred people!









Coat Drive for NY Cares

During the winter holiday season, we hosted a coat drive to benefit New York Cares. On average there are 66 winter days in NYC where the temperature drops below freezing. There are over 50,000 people in this city alone that do not have a permanent place to live and end up spending the night in a shelter or freezing on the streets.

Together in the office we were able to collect over 30 coats to help men, women and children in NYC.






Room to Grow Toy Drive

During the 2013 Holiday Season our NYC office decided it was the perfect time to help give back to local families who are facing difficult times. We started a in-office toy drive to benefit Room to Grow, a local organization that enriches the lives of babies born into poverty. We had a great turnout; our donation box was overflowing with toys!










Philanthropy Day

In November 2013, CPXi sponsored Philanthropy Day, an event hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Philanthropy Day is a great event in that it brings together philanthropists, organization executives and industry professionals for a comprehensive day of networking and learning.

Along with our sponsorship, we had two presenting sessions. The first session was titled “Social Media Best Practices.” David Shay, SVP of Marketing, and Melissa Budney, Marketing Associate, presented this topic. It was a great session with a full audience. Dave and Melissa discussed the importance of social media for non-profits and provided helpful tips. The second speaking session we had was “Leveraging and Utilizing Display Advertising” presented by Michael Zacharski, Chief Operating Officer. The audience was eager to learn all about display advertising and how it could be used for their non-profit organizations. Michael walked the audience through the specifics of display advertising and also gave insight in best ways to utilize it for their industry.

We always enjoy giving back and this was the perfect opportunity. It was great to be able to use our display advertising and marketing knowledge for good!





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New York Cares Day Fall

Members of our office formed a team that participated in New York Cares Day Fall 2013, an annual volunteer event hosted by New York Cares. New York Cares Day is the largest hands-on volunteer day in New York City. Thousands of volunteers come together to revitalize over 80 schools throughout the five boroughs.

Our team joined together with a few other teams to revitalize “Village Academy”, a school in Far Rockaway, Queens. Not only was the school devastated during Hurricane Sandy, but has faced a rough few years. Principal of the school, Shawn Rux, became principal a few years ago. He told us when he first started, student suspension rates were at over 200 a year. Now, with his hard work and dedication, suspension rates have been drastically lowered to under 100 a year. We also learned that many of the 292 students at Village Academy come from families living in poverty; 87.8% of students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. That being said, having the school revitalized during New York Cares Day is a great way to excite the students and give them a sense of confidence in the school they attend. Principal Shawn Rux was very grateful we came to help revamp his school.