IBM’s Philanthropic Twist on Tech

IBM is an American multinational tech and consulting company, headquartered in New York. In addition to manufacturing computer hardware and software, IBM spearheads initiatives that benefit others.


One of these initiatives is volunteer activities for children. IBM provides resources for others to conduct their own volunteer activity. IBM claims “service and volunteering have always been essential elements of what it means to be an IBMer.” The company claims that at any given time, there are as many as 160,000 employees involved in community service efforts worldwide. IBM also values mentorship. IBM created MentorPlace, an online mentoring and knowledge-sharing program that connects teachers and students with IBM employees.


All in all, IBM values education highly. Its Teachers TryScience program provides free project-based lessons to help science teachers strengthen their curriculum. Because IBM cherishes education, the computer company rewards grants to support educational and non-profit organizations in their efforts to serve its communities. IBM diversifies these grants, allowing the company to deliver services that meet the ever-changing needs of the non-profit sector. Through its outreach and grants, IBM seeks to heighten citizen engagement, economic development, education and social services in its communities.


If you want to learn more about IBM’s philanthropic endeavors, follow the company on Twitter and Facebook.

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