Helping NYC Youth Succeed and Thrive

The Children’s Aid Society is one of New York City’s leading anti-poverty organizations. Its comprehensive continuum of services is designed to meet the needs of young people. The Children’s Aid Society strategically helps youth progress toward college graduation and independence.

The Children’s Aid Society exists to “help children in poverty to succeed and thrive.” The organization does this by providing comprehensive support to children and their families in targeted high-needs New York City neighborhoods. Programs for children start as early as birth. And The Society’s comprehensive approach to education helps more than 1,0000 pre-school children engage in academics in 12 different programs.

But The Children’s Aid Society doesn’t solely focus on children. The staff believes that to fully meet children’s needs, they must also address the issues confronting children’s families. Common challenges to families include legal, financial, emotional and health strains. To combat this, Children’s Aid Society provides services such as GED classes, English language classes and counseling services for families welcoming back children from foster care or juvenile centers. The Children’s Aid Society has been serving families and children for over 160 years. Their longevity is a testament of their ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of today’s youth.

In a perfect world, every child would be nurtured by a loving family, attend a challenging and exciting school and live in a supportive community. However, Children’s Aid Society recognizes that not every child has these opportunities. But that doesn’t mean these children can’t have bright futures. Children’s Aid works hard to put individuals in a healthy and thriving environment.

Lena Marie is a product of the organization’s hard work. This young woman from the South Bronx is now attending NYU, thanks to organization’s EXCEL initiative. EXCEL (Educational eXcellence Creating Empowered Leaders) is apart of the non-profit’s Path to College Success Program. In this program, students are put on a track for higher education, starting in eight grade. The program focuses on several core components: financial literacy, career exploration and goal setting, academic support, social support and scholarship support. The Path to College Success is designed to prepare youth for college and then work.

This is just one example of how the non-profit is feeding into the lives of New York City youth. Children’s Aid Society operates at more than 40 sites, primarily in four high-needs neighborhoods: the South Bronx, Central and East Harlem, Washington Heights, and northern Staten Island. Our work covers education, health and wellness, social and emotional supports, and family stability services.

If you’re interested in battling child poverty in New York City, or if you’d like to learn more about The Children’s Aid Society, follow the organization on Facebook or visit the website.


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