CPXi Volunteers in Madagascar

Our very own Maria Laino, Sr. Publisher Development Manager for bRealTime, was in Madagascar providing entrepreneurial support and training for local people in the capital city of Antananarivo. Following up with her after we showcased her efforts in the blog entry, “Spotlight on CPXians Giving Back,” Maria updated us with how her trip went.

screen-shot-2016-02-02-at-11-19-54-am-150x150Maria: “It was amazing to have the opportunity to travel to Madagascar for a second time! Our money and resources go a long way there, and it’s been an incredible experience to come alongside the locals in Antananarivo and work with them, whether it’s teaching marketing and finance to future entrepreneurs, or handing out t-shirts and a hot meal to the homeless. Even though the poverty level is one of the highest of any country in the world, the people are so joyful and grateful for the things they do have, and it’s been humbling experience to learn from.”











In the community of Antananarivo, she made volunteering endeavors to help the Malagasy people. One of our core values is our dedication to caring for the community. To show support, we donated shirts and water bottles, CPXi style. Maria  gave out shirts and water bottles to the homeless. Some of the locals that took an interest in volunteering during the week of classes, also received these donations.

The following day, Maria saw a few individuals from the community wearing the shirts. The Malagasy people were unimaginably thankful, and it turned out being greatly useful. While it was not our intentions of creating brand awareness in Madagascar, now the people of Antananarivo are equipped with CPXi gear loud and proud!








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