Coca-Cola Helps Its Community ‘Live Positively’

Originally a patent medicine, Coca-Cola now improves the lives of its customers around the world. Today, Coca-Cola is committed to giving back 1 percent of its prior year’s operating income annually. For these reasons and many more, we’d like to highlight this company in our Brand Philanthropy Series.

Although Coca-Cola had its start in the 19th century, the company’s philanthropic initiative was birthed in 1984. The Coca-Cola Foundation has since given back more than $650 million to “enhance the sustainability of local communities worldwide.” Specifically, the organization has three main areas of focus: women, water and wellbeing. The non-profit invested more than $143 million in 2013 to strengthen its communities. The Coca-Cola Foundation seeks to empower entrepreneurship, give access to clean water and advocate healthy living, education and youth development. But The Coca-Cola Foundation isn’t bound by these objectives.

In 2007, The Coca Cola Foundation included global water stewardship, fitness and nutrition efforts and community recycling programs into the mix. The organization doesn’t stay static. It’s dedicated to evolving with the needs of its communities. For instance, the whole Coca-Cola system responds to natural disasters, offering emergency relief to affected citizens. In addition, Coca-Cola employees make personal contributions to non-profits and The Coca-Cola Foundation matches those contributions 2 for 1.

Coca-Cola is staying true to its mission by helping the community around it “live positively.” Be sure to follow Coca Cola on Facebook and Twitter to see the positive impact their making across the globe.

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