Giving Back with Groupon

by CPXample on 11/23/2011

As we all prepare to spend time with our families around one big table of turkey, stuffing and other various forms of homemade goodness, be thankful for the food on your plate as some families won’t have that same luxury this year.  One company is using their site to help fight hunger this holiday season. Groupon, the online deals site, has expanded their offerings by partnering with Feeding America for a charitable donation project.

If you’re familiar with how Groupon works, you know that you pay a discounted price for everything from restaurant meals and Laser Hair Removal visits to pottery classes and vacations.  Feeding America-The Loop was a campaign that ran for two weeks on the site as a Groupon ‘deal’. By donating the Groupon price of $11 (which was actually $22), customers were able to feed a family of four for two weeks. Beverage giant, Pepsi, also got on board and promised to match every donation up to $250,000.  The campaign ended with much success as the company projected they would receive 200 donations, the deal actually ended with more than 5,000 donations.

Another initiative that Groupon has started in lieu of the overwhelming response to Feeding America-The Loop campaign is the offering of $1 lunch deals on their new Now! Deals option.  The site plans on continuing their charitable efforts throughout the rest of the year and into 2012 by donating a portion of each sale to Feeding America.

Whether it’s Groupon, donating specifically to Feeding America or however you decide to give back this holiday season, make sure you get involved somehow.  There are so many families out there who need a boost and it’s up to us to come together and help out our fellow Americans.

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