Celebrity Charity: Usher Spreads His Success to Youth

by CPXample on 07/27/2011

R&B King Usher has been topping Billboard charts since the 90’s. With millions of fans, it’s no doubt that the artist has the “power of the people” in his hands. Enter: Usher’s New Look Foundation. A non-profit organization that helps make today’s youth tomorrow’s leaders. The talented performer has used his fame and celebrity to help America raise children into successful adults.

Established in 1999, Usher’s New Look Foundation has had a history of celebrity partnerships – including with P Diddy, Ludacris and Destiny’s Child. The Foundation reaches selected youth across four levels of training and leadership pillars – talent, education, career and service – each with the intention of empowering the children to be leaders within their own communities and in the world.

Usher’s organization operates with the primary goal of “ensuring that previously underserved youth find success.” You never know; maybe one day these children will be topping Billboard charts themselves.

To make a donation or find out how else you can get involved in Usher’s initiative, click here.

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