Give Thanks, Fight Hunger

by CPXample on 11/23/2009


This year, take Thanksgiving a step further.  As you gratefully eat your turkey and stuffing, remember that not everyone is so fortunate, and support one of the many organizations fighting hunger around the world. Start here:

The World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. Not only do they find ways to get food where it is needed in emergency situations, they also aid in the rebuilding process later on.  This year, the number of hungry people worldwide will reach one billion for the first time ever. WFP is challenging one billion Internet users to make a difference with A Billion for a Billion. There are also numerous other ways to get involved. As the WFP stresses on their website, only $5 nourishes a baby for 1 year, $50 provides a daily meal to a school child for 1 year and $170 feeds a hungry adult for one year.

Feeding America is a national network of more than 200 food banks that secures and distributes more than 2.5 billion pounds of food and groceries annually. Food is provided to more than 25 million low-income people facing hunger in the U.S.  Visit the Feeding America site to read real stories from the hungry, and take action by joining the Hunger Action Network, or locating a food bank in your area.

MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, is a national nonprofit that allocates donations from the Jewish community to prevent and aleviate hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds. MAZON (which means “food” in Hebrew) has a dual purpose: to provide for those who are going hungry, and to address the systemic causes of hunger and poverty. Take action by joining their A.C.T. End Hunger program, supporting a campaign or contacting your legislator.

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